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Aug 7, 2010

Scaling back

転居先。, originally uploaded by Limy Xaris.

In conjunction with the ++ Piely skin ++ made a new brand.
Its name is !:.YukaLi.:!

Accordingly, ::LimYs:: to scale back.
Since Xstreet had the largest sales, stores would be to abolish.
Is there a disadvantage? I want to examine in stages.

The new store is located in a small booth at the mall.
Because reduction, new products are not available.

Thank you in the future.

::LimYs:: @shoping mall [ BW Market ]

Jun 1, 2010

BlueBird SIM Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt Prize, originally uploaded by Limy Xaris.

Treasure Hunt is being held!
June 1 - 10, 2010 (JST)

BlueBird SIM 1st Anniversary, there are my flagship store in here.
::LimYs:: is joining event of Treasure Hunt.
Please look for the best!
Have a enjoy :D

Thank you.

May 17, 2010

Shape10 Dolly

Shape10 Dolly, originally uploaded by Limy Xaris.

New releases is girl!!

Her height is 115cm, the inworld's smallest class.
Wide-neck dress is not recommended, because it is difficult to find a skin for the child. I tried myself, feel so bad. lol
I think you better hide skin clothing, that likes doll fluffy.

Do you want to become a princess of Daddy? :)

Skin Reference
- ROMI SKIN - Reopening Gift(Light)

Thank you :D

Apr 25, 2010

ShapeM01 Thomas

ShapeM01 Thomas - Face, originally uploaded by Limy Xaris.

New release!!

I think so... I tried to express "Sexy male".
Personally I prefer it a little slender man! lol

Thomas is 210cm tall.
It is being sold at flagship store, please feel free to try him DEMO.

Skin Reference
-Belleza- Thomas V2

Thank you :D

Apr 3, 2010

The sale for HANAMI

KIMONO - Ann, originally uploaded by Limy Xaris.

Most Japanese love cherry blossoms.
SOMEI-YOSHINO cherry trees are in bloom and have the habit of parties under it.
It is a popular casual drinking, but tea ceremonies are also held prestigious.

Incidentally, HANAMI means cherry blossom viewing :)

Sale 50L$ until April 9, is being sold at Flagship Store & Xstreet.
JST on April 10, the return to 200L$. Early!!

Thank you :D